Welcome to the official site of the Freemason Lodge 
"OF THE RISING SUN" situated in Brno, the Czech Republic.
Our Lodge was founded on January the 13th, 1782 by the prince Carl Josef Salm Reifferscheidt and Ian Baptist the earl Mitrowsky from Nemyšl, as the very first Lodge in the Moravia.

Today the Lodge is working under jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Czech republic, which is recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England and many other foreign Grand Lodges.

Our Lodge meets every last Wednesday in a month. Additional meetings are also arranged, depending on a circumstances.

All Brethern (traveling or living in and around Brno), who are interested to join our work, are invited to contact us on info@luvs.cz
 The city Brno is 200km far from Prague and about 120km far from Wien: